febrero 3, 2022

IEB opens call for graduate scholarships and postdoctoral grants for the study of biodiversity and ecology in Chile

The Institute of Ecology and Biodiversity, IEB, which begins its renewal stage for the next 10 years, opened on January 26th, 2022 a call for its 2022 Graduate Scholarships (Masters and PhD) and Postdoctoral Grants, aimed at students and researchers working under the advice of principal and associate IEB (ANID PIA/BASAL Center FB210006) scientists.

The IEB is offering 4 PhD, 6 Masters and 5 Postodctoral maintenance scholarships, and the awardees must work on one of the four main research programs of this new phase of the Institute.

These main research programs are:

  1. Biodiversity status and trends, which seeks to evaluate the spatial and temporal patterns of biodiversity in the present, past and future, risks of extinction, including anthropogenic and biophysical factors, and interactions that promote the origin and persistence of these scenarios in the long term.
  2. Ecosystem integrity and Nature Contributions to People, which aims at studying the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functions and services, to assess how changes in biodiversity affect Chilean society and ecosystems.
  3. Biodiversity drivers, which seeks to determine the effects that climate change, invasive species and forest fires have on Chile’s biological diversity.
  4. Conservation and human well-being, which aims at co-generating and applying knowledge and novel conceptual approaches to strengthen sustainable development based on socio-ecological principles, and provide evidence for political decision-making.


Tthe application deadline is March 7th, 2022. Applicants can find details of these calls in the following links:

https://ieb-chile.cl/noticia/ieb-abre-concurso-para-otorgar-10-becas-a-estudiantes- de-postgrado/


All application documents must be sent to psanchez@ieb-chile.cl and concursos.ieb@gmail.com