Technology Transfer and Development

Our aim is to broaden the scientific horizon,

creating synergies with both the public and private sectors.

Not all of the research carried out by the IEB can be published in scientific journals. Part of our central mission is to connect science with the problems and challenges of the country’s production industries, and with the public institutions responsible for care and support of the environment and biodiversity.

Public Sector

Creation of legislation for a country requires more than just good intentions, and it is fundamental for the IEB that public policy making be based on a foundation of scientific information. Here are two of our public sector success stories.

Private Sector

A key function of the IEB is providing support and encouraging growth of those national production sectors whose activities depend directly on the ecosystem in which they operate. Evidence-based best practices and decision making lend greatly to improving the efficiency of industrial processes, and at the same time contribute to the care of local biodiversity.