Escolares aprenden sobre el suelo deñ bosque. Estación Biológica Senda Darwin.


Ecología en el Patio de la Escuela (Ecology in the Schoolyard, EEPE) workshops

We offer these for school children, teachers and park wardens, employing the “Teaching ecology in the schoolyard” (EEPE) methodology.

Omora Environment Workshop

Weekly workshop for primary school children from grades 5 to 8 (10 to 13 years) at the Donald McIntyre Griffiths School, Puerto Williams. We use the “Field Environmental Philosophy” methodology.

Preschool Workshops

Annual workshops held at the three educational establishments in Puerto Williams: Donald McIntyre Griffiths School, Pequeños Colonos Nursery School (Chilean Navy) and Ukika Nursery School (National Council of Nursery Schools, JUNJI).

Science/Art Workshops

In conjunction with partner institutions, we hold workshops for children and adults that use the language of art and crafts to bring people closer to Chilean biodiversity.

Science communication workshops

These are held for academics, undergraduates, postgraduates and other audiences. Topics are varied and include principals of science communication, oral communication, visual communication, media training, writing and projects. The objective is to provide scientists and other interested parties with the tools and skills necessary for science communication.

Native flora propagation workshops

These are offered at Senda Darwin Biological Station, and are aimed at students, rural residents and public servants. We lead excursions to discover the habitats of the species which will later be cultivated, and to collect their seeds and/or cuttings. Then, in the nursery, participants learn propagation processes applicable to the specific species and time o year in which the workshop takes place.

Bird nest box building workshops

These are conducted in pre-schools, schools and community centers, mainly as part of the Casas Anideras program (partnership with Providencia Municipality) in Santiago. The aim is to spark a dialogue about the importance of urban birds, and to teach how to build nest boxes for cavity nesting birds.

Urban bird watching workshops

These are open to children and adults, mainly as part of the Casas Anideras program (partnership with Providencia Municipality) in the Inés de Suárez Park in Santiago.