National and international collaboration networks are another fundamental part of the IEB’s structure. Combining the efforts of IEB researchers with those of networks of leading scientists in fields relevant to our work is central to our output of groundbreaking scientific knowledge. International collaboration has played a key role in 58% of our published scientific articles, a proportion that is above the national average across all scientific fields.

The IEB has participated in the creation of eleven international networks, with support from the Millennium Science Initiative, the National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (CONICYT), and other sources:


Our Institute has multiple collaborations with international academic and environmental institutions, some of which are:



The IEB has an important role in the global discussion of public policies on biodiversity, as evidenced by the active participation of four of its researchers in the IPBES the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services. This international body assesses the state of biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides to society, in response to requests from decision makers.

The only Chilean members are our directors Mary Kalin, Aníbal Pauchard, and Ricardo Rozzi, and our researcher Olga Barbosa. The Assessment of the Americas (2015-2018) was coordinated by Dr. Kalin, with the participation of Dr. Pauchard and Dr. Barbosa, all main authors of the final report. On the other hand, the Invasive Alien Species Assessment in progress (2019-2022) is co-coordinated by Dr. Pauchard, while Dr. Rozzi participates in the Evaluation of the Multiple Values ​​of Nature.

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