Casas Anideras (Nest Boxes)

Which birds live in our cities? How do they cope in urban environments?

The Casas Anideras program, in partnership with Providencia Municipality, seeks to answer these questions. Our headquarters is the Inés de Suárez Park, located in Providencia, where we have installed fifteen nest boxes which have been used by a number of pairs of house wrens (Troglodytes aedon) over the course of the last three seasons. These small native birds are secondary cavity nesters – that is, they build their nests in natural cavities – and they have really taken to our wooden nest boxes. We study their activity during the breeding season, and organize visits for local people to come and see these and other birds that can be found in the park. We also organize talks and nest box building workshops in schools and community centers in order to spread knowledge about our urban birdlife and encourage their appreciation and care.

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