How have historical changes in climate affected different species, and what lessons can be learned to help us today and in the future?

Investigador Responsable Dr. Patricio Moreno

This research area focuses on understanding how historical changes in climate determine past and present-day biodiversity. We are particularly interested in climatic changes with time scales ranging from decades to millennia. The central objective of our research is to understand the long and medium-term functioning of terrestrial ecosystems, and make regional, continental, intra-hemispheric and inter-hemispheric comparisons to shed light on the causes and consequences of historical global climatic changes, and to analyze climate change projections for different regions of the continent, for example, the South American monsoon, and the climates of the high Andes and central Chile.

Principal Investigators

Eugenia Gayó Dr. Patricio Moreno Dr. Claudio Latorre

Assistant Researcher

Dr. Felipe Hinojosa