Environmental ethics and biocultural conservation

Environmental ethics and biocultural conservation

How can biodiversity conservation be integrated into the country’s sustainable development plan?

Investigador Responsable Dr. Ricardo Rozzi

This research area focuses on generating scientific information relevant to conservation and sustainable development. Work focuses on the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve (RBCH) in the far south of Chile, and on the deserts of northern Chile. Work carried out in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve (RBCH) includes the study of bird migration patterns, moss biodiversity, and environmental ethics. In the north of the country, work focuses on completing flora inventories, evaluating threats, and collecting the information together in regional, macrozonal and national Red Books. The aim is to promote the use of scientific information in the field of biodiversity conservation, and to integrate biocultural diversity into sustainable development plans by means of, for example, consideration of biodiversity as a factor in the socio-economic development of the tourism sector.

Principal Investigators

Dr. Andres Mansilla Dr. Ricardo Rozzi

Assistant Researcher

Dra. Solange Vargas Dr. Darío Moreira Dr. Rodrigo Estévez Dr. Tamara Contador Dra. Francisca Massardo