Our mission is to conduct frontier research into the science behind biodiversity in a context of historical, present-day and future environmental changes, to train new generations of scientists, and to contribute to the conservation and sustainable management of our natural heritage as part of the social, economic and cultural development of Chile.


The IEB has three main focuses, and generation of scientific knowledge lies at the heart of our present and future endeavors.

Biodiversity science: our aspiration is to be a world class Institute engaging in groundbreaking scientific research to support sustainable development in Chile, and as part of this we operate as a training center, providing advanced education for undergraduate and postgraduate students, and mentoring for young researchers.

Technology Transfer and Development: we want to create close relationships with both the public and private sectors in Chile, working in partnership with public services towards solving environmental problems and acting as a source of scientific information to promote sustainability in the use of natural resources by Chilean industry.

Science communication: our aim is to communicate the scientific knowledge generated by the IEB’s researchers to a broad range of non-scientific audiences, understanding their differing needs and strengthening their appreciation of science and the importance of protecting biodiversity.